Family operation - Flexibility - Competitiveness - Prompt response

Family operation

Established in October 1981, during some 30 years of activity, research, development and growth, the company was constantly headed by the founding members of the family; only a few years ago, the management of the company was handed over to a new generation that is committed to continue working along the same standards of excellence.  
In recent years, the company has been fully restructured, to be ready to face up to the challenges that the future has in store through the optimisation of its manufacturing processes and product line-up.

Flexibility means to follow concrete, targeted guidelines as well as to be able to adapt to evolving market requirements.

In today’s market, where price often wins over quality, it is essential to learn from experience and to optimise these two prerogatives in order to offer top quality products at competitive prices.

Based on this principle, Naster works to the highest standards and retains a competitive position in the market.

Thanks to technological breakthroughs and the structural reorganisation mentioned above, the company is able to meet any customer need or request at once, providing feasible solutions, opportunities and unmitigated satisfaction.




19 October 1981: Foundation of the company.

January 1986: First production plant.
Having marketed adhesive tape products for years, the company decides to start making its own products.
The first acrylic coating plant and the first cutting system are started up at the historic site in Mornico al Serio (Bg).

January 1996: The second acrylic coating plant is inaugurated and the cutting line is completed with the addition of three automated systems and two product customisation systems.

January 2001: In view of the aggressive competition from low cost Chinese products and the need to diversify its line-up, the company begins to produce protective film.

January 2006: The protective film section is expanded, a sales organisation is deployed and the production and product testing organisation is strengthened.

January 2011: Further technologic innovation for coating system and cutting department.

February 2013: Naster continues to invest in its growth and in February it inaugurated a new site in Martinengo, in via Tonino da Lumezzane, 24057 Bergamo.
During the first two months of the year, it moved to the new premises where it will rely on production and storage facilities optimised to achieve an appreciable reduction in internal costs and to ensure greater flexibility and better service to the customers.
We have worked to expand our rapid service to the customers through a bigger inventory and prompt deliveries.

May 2014: Revamped communication system. Our business and management philosophy, built around quality and efficiency, now finds expression through a new, coordinated image, thanks to our partner Super!