Car body protection and internal parts

Protect car body, dashboard, carpets and leathers are prerogatives of the protective film Naster.
High adhesive power mated to appreciable strength and stain-free removal makes it possible to cut times and costs in the installation of products protected with Naster film.
The new areas of application for protective film are valuable stimuli for our technicians, as we receive requests for new applications on a daily basis. To provide a solution is our job.
In addition to meeting their primary function, Naster protective film products can be had in printed versions bearing instructions, technical standards and your company logo, so as to ensure your product’s univocal identification.

  • Colour: clear, white, black and white
  • Thickness: from 45 to 65 µ
  • Supports: LDPE
  • Adhesive Type: acrylic emulsion
  • Band: up to 2030
  • Custumization: on demand
  • Microperforation: on demand
UV resistant (3/6 months) products can be had on request – Duration depends on geographic conditions

Technical data sheet - Material safety data sheet