Protezione gelcoat - vetro - mobili - pelle - legno preverniciato - alluminio satinato

During the assembly and maintenance, the fine surface on the outside and inside of the craft, are easily damaged and / or soil compromising, sometimes even in an irreparable harm, the original beauty of the material.
The delicate nature of these materials calls for special attention to their protection and a careful assessment in selecting peelable film in terms of thickness and degree of adhesion.
Since it does not chemically interact with the surfaces and leaves no residues upon being removed, Naster protective film makes it possible to maintain unaltered the value of the surface it is meant to protect. It also makes transport and storage safer.
Ongoing research into the protection of different surfaces and the continuous improvement of the products in our range constitute the prerogative of our research team.
Our sales and technical personnel are at the disposal of our customers to meet their every need.
In addition to meeting their primary function, Naster protective film products can be had in printed versions bearing instructions, technical standards and your company logo, so as to ensure your product’s univocal identification.

  • Colour: clear, blue clear, blue
  • Thickness: from 45 to 90 µ
  • Supports: LDPE
  • Adhesive Type: acrylic emulsion
  • Band: up to 2030
  • Custumization: on demand
  • Microperforation: on demand

UV resistant (3/6 months) products can be had on request – Duration depends on geographic conditions

Technical data sheet - Material safety data sheet