PVC Profiles - UPVC Profiles

Protection of profiles for doors and windows

Naster protective film is the ideal solution to ensure protection from the external agents during the production processes. They make product handling and storage easier and safer. The Naster range includes UV resistant products. We can supply film in different sizes and colours to meet the most diversified requests from our customers. Easy applicability and removability without leaving any adhesive residues, mated to adaptability to any surface, make this product line highly versatile. Selecting the right product for the protection of specific surfaces is a daily task at our laboratory. Advisory services based on the results of countless tests and a two decade long experience in adhesivisation processes enable our sales and technical personnel to respond to evolving market needs. In addition to meeting their primary function, Naster protective film products can be had in printed versions bearing instructions, technical standards and your company logo, so as to ensure your product’s univocal identification.

  • Colour: clear, blue clear, blue
  • Thickness: from 35 to 80 µ
  • Supports: LDPE
  • Adhesive Type: acrylic emulsion
  • Band: up to 2030
  • Custumization: on demand
  • Microperforation: on demand
UV resistant (3/6 months) products can be had on request – Duration depends on geographic conditions

Technical data sheet - Material safety data sheet