Raw Coils - Prepainted

Protection of metal surfaces. Coils – Aluminium – Steel – Stainless steel

Through various processing stages your products acquire value. Naster film protects the surfaces of your products against scratching and soiling during the assembly process. It facilitates machining, reduces the proportion of rejects, and prevents damage to the surface by rubbing. Moreover, the lubricant effect of the LDPE film prolongs the life of your equipment. Easy removability without residues, the absence of impurities in the film and tapes that we use, mated to transverse elasticity and strength, are the key features of our protective film.
The adhesion and thickness values of the film are carefully evaluated by our laboratories as a function of type of surface and intended application.
Our sales and technical personnel are at the disposal of our customers to meet their every need.
In addition to meeting their primary function, Naster protective film products can be had in printed versions bearing instructions, technical standards and your company logo, so as to ensure your product's unvocal identification.

  • Colour: trasparente, trasparente blu, blu
  • Thickness: from 30 to 80 µ
  • Support: LDPE
  • Adhesive Type: acrylic emulsion
  • Band: up to 2030
  • Personalizzazione: on demand
  • Microperforazione: on demand
UV resistant (3/6 months) products can be had on request – Duration depends on geographic conditions

Technical data sheet - Material safety data sheet