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Protection of prepainted metal plate – Panels – Profiles

In order to protect the prepainted surfaces of your products during the various processing, storage, transport and assembly stages, Naster protective film is the best solution against scratches, soiling and deterioration due to the action of UV rays.
Since it does not interact chemically with the surfaces and leaves no adhesive residue upon being removed, Naster protective film leaves the technical characteristics of your products unaltered.
In our laboratories, our research team is able to respond to the specific needs of our customers by simulating applications on different surfaces.
Ongoing research into new products and constant quality constitute the modus operandi of our company.
Our sales and technical personnel are at the disposal of our customers to meet their every need.
In addition to meeting their primary function, Naster protective film products can be had in printed versions bearing instructions, technical standards and your company logo, so as to ensure your product’s univocal identification.

  • Colour: clear, blue clear, blue
  • Thickness: from 30 to 80 µ
  • Supports: LDPE
  • Adhesive Type: acrylic emulsion
  • Band: up to 2030
  • Custumization: on demand
  • Microperforation: on demand
UV resistant (3/6 months) products can be had on request – Duration depends on geographic conditions

Technical data sheet - Material safety data sheet