Family. We are the lessons learned from those who came before, those who raised us making us aware of their passion for this job and told us about the usefulness and the significance of our products. We are the heirs of a meticulous past, of the experience of a generation that valued quality and handed over the reins to us together with the know-how we needed to restructure the company looking to a future that speaks of innovation, attention and expertise.

Quality. From the raw material to the finished product we control each step in the manufacturing process in a careful, targeted way.  We aim to offer highly reliable, long-lived products. This the reason why we have upgraded our machinery with cutting-edge technologies and have obtained the certification to optimise our control and ensure constant quality in the Naster process


Competitiveness. Maintaining high standards at balanced prices. In the protective film and adhesive tape sector, finding the best balance between quality and economy is not that easy. The market offers unreliable products at low prices and the exact opposite. We are leaders in this sector precisely on account of our competitiveness: we offer excellent, dependable, high performance products, the fruit of cutting-edge technology, at competitive prices.

Flexibility. Our company pays undivided attention to customer needs and takes into due account the requirements of a constantly evolving sector. To be flexible means to take any change in stride, to keep abreast of new trends and technological developments, to be able to offer innovative solutions and absolute satisfaction at all times.

Trust. Our customers choose us because we make products that meet their expectations and never betray their trust. They choose us because we provide immediate answers, offer real time services and handle any request in a timely manner. Those who choose us do so because they know that with Naster they can rely on a motivated, well-organised, close-knit team of professionals working according to a logic of collaboration in a highly advanced structure.

Respect. We have a solid and well-structured corporate social responsibility that makes us fully aware of all the “human” and “social” aspects gravitating within a company. We are committed to the wellbeing of our collaborators, and spare no efforts to promote a responsible working style; we care about the place where we work and the environment surrounding us, working in a harmonious and eco-compatible context.

These principles have made Naster successful and competitive on the market.



Developing technologically advanced protective films and adhesive tapes, meeting each and every customer need, ensuring an impeccable delivery service and customer service, offering quality, and organising every process with painstaking care: these are the pivotal aspects of Naster’s mission.
Nor do we ever forget the preservation of the environment and the needs of our collaborator, based on high ethical standards and moral values.


Prior to developing any solution with discuss the matter with our customer, listen to their needs, find the most effective and compatible solutions together.
Every Naster product is technologically advanced.
We keep abreast of the latest developments in all matters to do with new products and new equipment, with a view to offering high-performance, increasingly effective adhesive tapes and protective films.
At Naster, the manufacturing process is constantly monitored so as to ensure that our products are completed and delivered according to schedule, on a timely basis.



    • 19th October 1981 Welcome Naster!
      Our company was born.
    • January 1986: now we make it.
      After years during which we just sold adhesive tapes,  we decided to jump right in. We installed a production system, and got the first acrylic coating machine and the first cutting system running in the historic site of Mornico al Serio (BG).
    • January 1996: we are growing.
      We inaugurate the second acrylic coating system and complete the cutting line with three automatic systems and two systems to customise the product.
    • January 2001: ok, we are not scared.
      In view of the problems posed by the strong competition by Chinese low-cost adhesive tapes and the need to diversify our product line-up, we begin to make protective film.
    • January 2006: the film continues.
      We step up the production of protective film and put in place our sales organisation and production control.
    • January 2011: it’s time to cut it out.
      We decide to upgrade our technological cutting and coating equipment.
    • January – February 2013: we move.
      We move to a new production site in Martinengo (BG), in Via Tonino da Lumezzane. The move enables us to optimise the layouts of our production and storage facilities, and thereby cut down internal costs and ensure superior service and flexibility. We have worked to increase our prompt response service, with a much bigger warehouse than in the earlier premises, allowing much faster deliveries.
    • May 2014: a new look.
      We decide the time has come to work on our company image with the assistance of communication experts.
    • 2016: flexing our muscles.
      Installation of two new generation cutting systems for protective film, with an increase in cutting speed of ca 40% and an appreciable reduction in energy consumption.
      Installation of 3 silos with a capacity of 20 tons to manage our adhesive products and improve the pipe line, in terms of loading and on-line mixing of the final batch, before the coating process.
      Implementation of drive-in warehouses to optimise the use of space and achieve a storage capacity of about 250 tons of polyethylene film, raw material and 8 million m2 of coated semi-processed product to be completed with the cutting stage, as stocks for customers who plan on a six-month basis. Besides a capacity of ca 360 pallets in the finished product drive-in warehouse, half of them reserved for the storage of materials ready for order dispatching, and the other half to serve as safety stock, for farsighted customers who want to make their plans with the material ready to be loaded for a no longer waiting time than the transportation lead-time.
      Resin coating of the entire inner surface of the company, with a double resin pass to improve the quality and cleanliness of the working environment for the Naster team and our organisation.
    • 2017: keeping up our high standards.
      Restructuring of the 200 kW MV power plant and the thermal plant for the office and production facilities, using advanced technology systems for high energy efficiency, aiming at a higher yield, money savings, reduced gas and electric energy use.
      Micro-drilling line for products at the coating stage.
    • 2018: it’s time for new goals.
      Aim: 90 million square meters and a turnover of about 13 million €. Thanks to the continuous cycle work and to greater storage capacity of the raw material, we are increasingly streamlined and flexible in terms of production and delivery.
      We adopted a system of 4.0 industry with a new automated management system for adhesives, cross-linking agents, additives and water, allowing us to reduce wastes and guaranteeing order and cleanliness in production plants.
      The storage capacity of adhesives has increased from 60 to 120 tons. and a new cutting robotic island allows to work in a totally automated way.
      A new climatic chamber allows us to test products by simulating extreme environmental conditions.
      We are in Amazon with our B2C line.