Friendliness to the environment and emission reduction

1. Photovoltaic panels In July 2016 we installed a 100 kW photovoltaic system to reduce our electric energy use by 60%.

2. LED system Lighting system with LED technology in all production facilities, the laboratory and the offices. In this manner we can achieve a 70% reduction in costs and energy use.

3. High efficiency boiler Gas boiler using an advanced heat management technology both at the start-up stage and during work cycles. This makes for a considerable reduction in the emissions generated in accordance with the applicable regulations.

4. High energy efficient inverter motors Making for significant savings in terms of energy use.

5. Lift trucks powered by lithium batteries This year we have begun using new generation lift trucks powered by lithium batteries, supplied by our partner Selini SPA. With this technology we can rely on prompt battery charging, in one hour time, without releasing hydrogen into the atmosphere, and hence greater safety.