NP89 FT Freezer Tape

FREEZER TAPE (technical data sheet)


of measurement
Film Polyolefin
Breaking strength ASTM D 882-10 MD N/mm2 > 10.0
Elongation to break ASTM D 882-10 MD % > 350%
Adhesive type Synthetic rubber and resins
Total thickness Micron 85.0 ±10%
Adhesion to steel A.F.E.R.A. 4001 N/cm > 7,0
Adhesion to back A.F.E.R.A. 4001 sup. A N/cm < 1,0
Application temperature °C 18 ÷ 50
Color White

Freezer Tape.

– Outer diameter 400 mm
– Inner diameter 76 mm

Naster NP89 FT must be applied to a dry, clean surface (free of oil, grease, solvents) at a temperature of between 18 and 50 °C, with the aid of a lamination machine (make sure that the film does not undergo an elongation of over 1%). Once applied, the product must be free of blisters or creases.

We recommend to keep in a dry place, out of the light of the sun and with a temperature including between 15°C and 25°C. The rolls must be stored and preserved in the original packing. However if storage conditions hadn’t excellent, reshape the product before to use it.

  • The film must be applied within 6 months of the date of shipment.
  • The surface protected by the film must not be exposed to the aggressive atmospheric agents.

The Naster protective film has been designed for the temporary protection of surfaces against dirt, or scratches caused by tools or handling operations; it has not been designed for protection against corrosion, humidity or chemical compounds. Applications can be different and application conditions may also vary and hence the customer should perform local test before using the product.
Product tests must be performed on the surface actually used and must reproduce faithfully all finished product processing and storage stages.
The surfaces recommended in section 3 above are purely indicative and Naster shall not assume any responsibility if the Customer does not perform prior tests in the actual utilisation conditions.
The values showned are the resulting of an average of analysis obtained of the normal production and they haven’t legal value.
The values insert in this technical form are the result of analysis of just made’s products. The properties of the protective film can be amenables to change his properties due to wearing down in the time, even though keep high the quality level of the product.
Naster shall not be liable for any damages due to improper use of its product.
The product warranty is limited to replacement in the event of product defects ascertained by the Naster laboratory.