Naster films are produced by applying acrylic adhesive masses in aqueous dispersion (which means they are eco-friendly) over PO (polyolefin) supports with thickness values ranging from 20 to over 150 my, or PET (polyester) supports with thickness values suitable for thermoforming. Thanks to a specific technology, our films appear smooth and mirror polished.

Our products are recyclable and have a low impact on the environment.

The range includes many different types of adhesive: from easy-peel types characterised by minimal stickiness, to ensure effortless removal, to high and very high tack products, for the protection of carpeting and highly structured items.

Besides the customary areas, we also produce Application Tape in HDPE-LDPE, a product which is used more and more widely as an alternative to paper in the transfer processes of PVC decals obtained with a plotter, such as those applied to the sides or trains and buses.